Misc. Questions:


What is Silvertrac’s Real Time Reporting Software?

It is the original, most intuitive, simple to learn, easy to use, comprehensive and unique security industry tool available on the market today. It is revolutionizing the way security operations seamlessly interact with owners and managers in providing proactive solutions to areas of their operations previously outside the scope of traditional security services. It accomplishes this without adding any financial burden. In fact it frees up time, provides additional reports, spreadsheets and relevant data all while helping to save multiple impact dollars.



How does Silvertrac Help Improve Accountability?

Every interaction with a handheld device is GPS, date, and time-stamped. That means that each time an issue is submitted, a task is received, or a QR code is scanned, we are able to verify the officers location on the property. Silvertrac utilizes Quick-Response (QR) technology to verify officer locations and streamline the reporting process.

However, with all of the additional tools Silvertrac provides, accountability is just the foundation. Shortening the reporting process encourages officers to submit more issues and further assist in the discovery of risk and liability concerns. Without spending extra time handwriting reports our officers can focus on what matters most, the safety and protection of your property.


Is Silvertrac just another Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) tool?

No. However, many of the features of most CAFMs are already integrated into the software. If you utilize a CAFM Silvertrac Software amplifies its value by augmenting and supporting its functions. In addition, because it proactively positions all data collected into risk and liability terms, most of our clients qualify for significant discounts on their liability insurance. So rather than being an added expense Silvertrac Software helps our clients to save money and stay within budget guidelines.


How Does Silvertrac Software Help with Vendor Management?

We recommend adding vendors as users of the software. Doing so provides you with instant real time access to all recorded activity on site with GPS date and time stamp reports. Know exactly when a vendor is on site, and with the additional capabilities of adding photos and audio recordings to their activity, you can track the work they say they are doing without doing time consuming walkthroughs.

We will assist you to build a predetermined chain of escalation as well. This means anytime an incident is created on site that you determine to need immediate remediation the vendor is notified immediately, even if you are unavailable. For example: flooding, broken storefront glass, downed trees blocking private roads, these are all real life examples of incidents that were created, the vendor was notified immediately, and the remediation was completed before the owner or manager even woke up to check the incident report.


Does the Software help with Tenant and Resident Issues?

Yes. As owner or manager of a property or even multiple properties we provide you instant transparent access to all 3 modules including parking, maintenance, and the safety, liability and security module. With a subdomain link all residents have online access to register vehicles, report all types of incidents, and then track the resolution of incidents all without ever having to call or email the office.

This has led to higher customer satisfaction ratings, higher lease renewals, and saved time for the entire office staff.


Can Silvertrac Software Handle Parking Management?


It has often been said, “He who controls the parking, controls the property.” Ask any property manager what their biggest headache is and you will more times than not hear – Parking! With few exceptions residential parking is an ongoing nightmare for most property managers and their parking book, once painstakingly in order, is highly guarded. With Silvertrac’s real time security and incident reporting parking module we can provide an updated parking book 24/7 in real time.